Tuesday, August 18, 2009


· Clean bicycle. I feel like the guy who buys a motorcycle because he's always thought they were awesome, but doesn't know how/is a little scared to ride it. So he just keeps tending to it, and talking about it.
· Ride bicycle somewhere.
· Perhaps go to garden; people want eggs. I am the bringer of eggs. I'm frankly scared of the glut of tomatoes and peppers; cannot cope with the waste.
· Watch a dang netflix so I can send them back and get more nature documentaries nature nature nature always always teach me sir david.
· Write a dang letter to Mandible; I compose them in my head so much, believe me. Today is the day I drag Alma out and commit!
· Pay dem billz.
· Stop writing lists of things to do later while at work, "working."

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