Sunday, August 30, 2009


Sometimes you're in the shower and realize the longest parts of your hair are over halfway down your back.

Your life plans start shifting to include some kind of epic rat-tail the next time you go crazy and cut it all off.

You are then forced by the weight of this decision to realize that this is perhaps your most solid future life plan.

Why does everyone keep asking.


what said...

because they are still convinced that it is through planning/subscription to the normal pathways offered by American society (school, more school, first great job that you stay with for 30 yrs while meeting/marrying strong-jawed man and making babies to send to daycare and, later, college). the rat-tail plan, besides being awesome in it's own right, is certainly preferable to the pathway.

what said...

* after parentheses, insert: "that you will find happiness and completion"