Monday, August 25, 2008


Discovery: my blog apparently looks like absolute shit in Firefox and Internet Explorer. I don't know who actually patronizes my rambling but if it's all ker-textity over the background image and is generally difficult to read, it shouldn't be. This will hopefully be amended. Fuck. FUCK. It feels like going through a day feeling all foxy and then going home and realizing that the "lip balm" you put on actually had a really white coloration and you look Frosty the Hobag. This is a true story.

My laptop has been in the shop. In the meantime, I have:
· Read Logan's Run.
· Quit the bakery.
· Started the semester.

All of it is very very interesting but as a human who has been closely entwined with this great inter-net since I was 12, it's good to get away sometimes.

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