Wednesday, April 4, 2012

gray day comic

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here's a second comic ever, it's about today so far.  later i'm buying a nice bike from some awkward dude on craigslist.  i wish i did not feel so anxious about that.  i kind of feel like eating french fries at some point.  MAYBE A GYRO.  

comic notes: i like making diary-type comics about nothing in particular.  i feel compelled to mention i like most coworkers & it's mostly about how i'm loathe to make others feel the wrath of me having a shitty day.  i would def erase the half-assed box i put around the last panel as an afterthought. i need to invest in some non-lined paper.  scanner.  more than one mechanical pencil.  fonts.  fonts!  i need to learn MORE FONTS.

i listened to fruit bats while making this.  here's a good song by them:

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sars said...

FUCK i forgot my nose ring