Sunday, April 1, 2012

goose comic

i did a comic.  it's the first comic i ever did and it will not be the last.  it's obv very rough/ugly still but i am posting it here because when i post things here it's a weird incentive for me to do more.. doing things.  and posting them.  
i honestly just wanted to see if i could do it.  something i've been thinking of a lot lately is the main requirement of illustrated stories/animation is consistency in style; it doesn't even matter what the style is or if it's particularly refined.  second is the pacing/story; you can be an amazing artist but if the story/joke (however brief) falls flat then the whole thing deflates.  in critiquing my first attempt here the worst things are prob the barely legible font, the scratchy inconsistent lines (tho if they were inconsistent in a consistent way it'd be different), and etc. it's pretty bad but hey. here's a dumb dream i had i drew a comic about and then talked about too much in my blog.  i also need to find the power cord for my scanner instead of taking photos of drawings.

i've also been drawing a lot of weird cartoons of myself.  woop.


mandibles said...

i am excited to see more comics of your dreams. i very much relish your writings of your dreams.

little planet said...

i knew you'd go as far as calling the drawings weird when in FACT they are nice.

sars said...

thankyou & thankyou -- and heh upon reread there is a lot of self-deprication in this post; i think i just look up to a lot of stellar artists and express my humility thus.

for whatever reason i am fine posting wack-ass writings but drawings feel like another frontier.

little planet said...

nonsense! your writings are not on any level, wack-ass.

JESS!CA said...

the idea of just comic'ing yr dreams is pretty great in and of itself if you need time and practice to think of other story lines!

hooray! i love.

sars said...

i don't think i would ever really say "sup" irl