Wednesday, October 13, 2010

got to get back on this pony

gonna do it

also i took down that last post because i guess even with a disclaimer sometimes people don't like when you write "whore" on your own face and then you can't decide if everyone's laughing at you for being a fat retard or not
it's cool though

Last night I dreamed that I moved to a new apartment on a whim, because it seemed kind of cool, but then the sudden loss of my old home crumpled me to the floor and i woke up in an emotional pain, relieved not to have displaced myself.

Soon I'll be going to my job, which is about all I do lately. I feel that I work hard, but it and a combination of other things have given me a recent fear of putting myself out in the world. This kind of sucks and I'd like to get over it.

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