Wednesday, April 14, 2010

nine hours

is a long time to be in a place that's not home
this work thing feels like a boot camp of paper but then, ha, i remember it's every day now
it's good that my co-workers i am enjoying and being challenged by
and the work is interesting,
it is surprisingly hard to remember time zones
that they exist, i mean. be careful
when you are scheduling those exotic conference calls
to london and california
this document exists to explain how important a mother is to a son
and these photos prove that these two people are in love
a face ages throughout its lifetime on a series of gritty passport copies
i hope that my phone voice does not become my real voice
it surprises me how often a stranger across the country
trapped in some office just like me and using her phone voice
will complain, just a little, in a confiding way
i am proud of being extra comforting in those moments

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