Monday, January 30, 2012


today just before 3 at 9th &O there was a woman two men and a police officer standing in the middle of the intersection, just standing while traffic laced around and then the woman was screaming and her knees went out and they were grabbing her and dragging her to the curb and her shirt came up revealing a black bra and they carried her and sat her down and she rocked and heaved, and i have felt pretty weird since seeing this


sars said...

i bet people in new york see this twice an hour and it's nbd tho

sars said...

i like commenting on my own posts b/c when i see them there later i always get way excited for a split-second, like when you pretend to throw a ball for a dog

JESS!CA said...

This reminds me of the ep of Louie where he goes on that date after seeing the hobos head fly off.

sars said...

you're not online now but i NEED to tell you that i found a drunken poem-draft i wrote in the past month that contained the lines:

"can't watch the lion king without crying

guess it's where i buried grandma"

Anonymous said...

i agree! with what you told yourself the second post!