Friday, January 13, 2012

here comes the


i have marked out in foot-prints
the square mile
i prowl daily
plotting how to best
attack passing cars
first show them my teeth
my teeth
and my      stride

i end slumped in
beds of
crumpled perennials

what noise i will make one
day when/if a sudden train horn
shreds my psyche

and i am crushed to my knees
and howl and
perhaps howl

and we're trying to
hide in this forest
we are born seeing
born without wisdom teeth
and are
modern medical miracles

i'm whispering secrets
into holes in trees
covering them with mud
and moss, desultory

fuck these trains are loud
who gave you that right
why didn't i get
what you got
i was given no weapons
i grew them with my chest

want to mohawk
my silky hair want to
grow it long and

i could get on one train
and/or another
i could pilot myself
to the ocean

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