Saturday, December 25, 2010

x-mas two K ten

i started xmas morning with a dream in which i was a contestant on america's next top model. for some reason i had no recollection of having participated in the show but as each episode aired, there i was, lithe, with a long shiny ponytail, standing before the judging panel.
i was utterly shocked, and tried to post a facebook status about how i'd had no idea i was even in the show until i saw myself on tv, just like them. in one episode a blonde girl accused me of being pregnant, which i was not.
i thought (with a private pleasure) that my friends might be impressed and awed at my new fame. i went to a friend's house and the reception was luke-warm; i looked at an open computer to see an email chain between a guy i had an awkward thing with awhile ago and a friend who moved away: harsh criticism of my top model photo shoot from that week. then around me all of my friends were saying i squinted my eyes too much when i smiled, was fatter than the other girls, thought i was so special and cool but was just a joke, etc. i hadn't even wanted to be/known i was on the show.

later (this is not about the dream) i ate a trad. english fry-up, then saw black swan (aw yeah), it has been a nice nice day

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