Wednesday, December 1, 2010

a good dream

I dreamed of being in a big antique house with piles of happy thin girls laying on the couches. They reach out to me with gibbony arms and smile.

Then in the distance I hear music and in comes a parade of people and their dogs, walking like the north koreans:
and the people, men and women, are singing in in a handel-esque choir in four parts, and their dogs are singing along with them, each dog matching its owner's pitch and volume in a howl.

I look next to me and there is a light brindle brown dog, who is mine. He is almost like a person in the face though it is a dog face. We lean chummily on each other and watch the parade, I look over into his green-yellow eyes and laugh and say "Arf!", not onomatopoeia but just the word, and he grins and says "Arf! Arf!" back and we laugh because he is a dog pretending to make the noise we say dogs make.

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