Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Today front tire fell off my bike in the middle of an intersection.

immediate thoughts:
fuck! concrete!
god how embarrassing.
are my sunglasses okay? my sunglasses seem bent.

I am banged-the-fuck-up. It is okay, I like noble pain.
I somehow landed on: right temple, right shoulder/elbow/hand, knees (left worse than right; no skin left). My arm hurts like fuck and wouldn't work when I first went to pick up my bike tire, but seems to be okay, just like hitting-your-funny-bone-with-a-hammer neuropathic pain.
My bike: :(

it is funny how i can still feel the rude impact in my sinuses
like i can smell it
it is a word that is harder than hard
it is dry and laconic like lead cracking rock but
imagine it harder

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