Sunday, May 2, 2010

the blueberi mule

· "one" "shot" stoli blueberi (measure based on whim)
· juice of 1/2 lime, + slice for garnish
· top with natural cane ginger ale
· over so much ice

It is my new favorite summer-time drink; now I just need a copper cup. That will be a happy day. It is my invention after enjoying an attempt at a moscow mule last night, now there are a trio of excellent flavors (merry, mellow blueberry with lime and ginger jousting on top) paired with the sweetness of replacing ginger beer with ale.

Also my camera is on the fast route to brick-town as its focus (when the lens doesn't see only a psychadelic hot-pink wavy universe) is stuck on macro mode. I achieved the above shot by faking my camera out by offering it the lime a few inches away with the other principal players huddled close behind. I do not know that I could achieve this again. It troubles me, as I will be in Malta in July and if I can't document what is probably the coolest thing to happen to me ever I will just die.

There is now a small dent in the wall where I threw the camera at it. Jauffre just chirp-mewed and tried to paw at it like he thought he saw a bug.

All I want to do is be outside and plant things or maybe just lay


rachelise said...

that looks good

hedonista said...

is it just me or do stoli and ball canning jars use the same font

rachelise said...

and that lime fringe is such a nice little continuation of the font
to my eye