Tuesday, September 15, 2009

dreams > waking; viking

Of meeting a young man, tall enough to startle, who introduces himself. He's not from here, but some nordic country. His long hair is ice-blonde tied back with a white cloth and his eyes are ice-blue; he is such a combination of sunshine and ice that the effect is, naturally, blinding. He's introducing himself, but his name is lost in the glare and you ask him to repeat it, smiling and holding up a finger, "one more time, say it?" He says it, and again you do not hear, some snarling of syllables in the throat. You smile, he smiles, who needs a name, so unspecific and predetermined. You are on the flank of a mountain in the spring. He shows you a plant, a large shrub of icy-green tendrils and as you look closer you see the small glittering round leaves.

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