Wednesday, September 4, 2013

tree poem

lean into me i am
scabbed over so my strong neck
can support you

or you can go, remember me in
a few years and come on by;
i will have risen perhaps
a few inches

sap sucker i just wish to own your
face where i split

and i wish more folks
would pay attention to my
careful documentation of the years;
see i'm unable to practice sufficient divination
for being caught in
the suck

i'm the girl who was an auger.
and where did august go
here in my almost
twenty-seventh year


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ad nauseam said...

come back!

Jeff Harmsen said...

Whoa, dark poetry! I just started a blog with a poem about my wife. Maybe it would lighten you up a bit? Maybe you prefer the dark.

Glengary Glenros said...

interesting blog you have