Thursday, May 9, 2013


i'm no good
i'm no good
i'm no good
i'm no good
i'm no good
i am fiercely and emphatically no good

i'm a crouching lil devil girl inside a bigger devil girl
restrained in imposing and slippery ways

i once cut my hand on a fish it is one of the things i have
opened my skin on, fit some slicer
between the cells
this girl i worked with had scars striping all up her arms and
i wanted impulsively to snatch them for kissing

by the by
i'm a silly split-end scissorer
a princess who ate a poisoned ruby
and became a middle-class witch

balking at how spooky it is to be
fully plugged-in 
if i could just stay
behind my eyes

i've tried lately to seem softer
by filling my brain up with flowers
i look at your face area and think
my brain is a wad of peonies
i'm thinking
peonies, peonies, peonies


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Rose Minty said...

Wow that was awesome.... you can write really well :)

-Zach- said...

very off the beat kind of material. Always a good thing! Keep expressing !
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