Monday, November 14, 2011


it took me a while to learn
i never could settle in
a city that goes on so far
i can't know its edges

admit that you're still
waiting on that second childhood
while forever shaking hands with

this new you, forgetting
names, i'm so bad, with names,
so bad with these new mes

see i thought my magic was
stronger, see each way leads
to the same sick silly eruption

it is hard enough to know one place fully,
putting my mouth to each alley way,
pulling hungry lungs of the
soft brown honeyed smoke


Md.Abdul Aziz said...

you have done a very good cartoon. But that should be with easy language, about your poem.

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hedonista said...

Thank you for your kind words on the goodness of my cartoon. Thank you also for these Islamic Books, and Others. I'm sure they contain very good information on Islam, or not.