Wednesday, February 9, 2011

film-stills: the princess of nebraska

the title of this obvs. drew me in before i knew anything, but i found this a strikingly implacable film. It has a strange air of being amateurish and ham-handed while presenting artfully rendered shots and captivating tenderness with its subjects. The director, wayne wang, is chinese-american is more known for films such as "maid in manhattan" and "last holiday", but this movie's claustrophobic camera and confrontation of the culturally-displaced east/west native/alien character gives it voice, and heft. It was adapted from a short story; knowing this perhaps endears me more solidly to the drifting, obtuse pace of the narrative. I am also fond of the withheld-orgasm quality of ambiguity in film. Whatever the case, it strikes tones which strike feelings, from stepping out of the airport when you arrive in another country to walking into an abortion clinic (see? exciting. also: bizarre antony & the johnsons ending.).
it was the kind of film that made me put the gwennie foster goggles on; it's not perfect but it says something really interesting about women, etc.

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