Monday, November 30, 2009

the usual

Dreamed of my cats falling and getting hurt; when a cat is first mortally injured it turns into a demon that moves and sounds like a droplet of water on a hot cast-iron skillet.

The dream got better, there was a telephone conversation with a kind stranger. It was experienced as a telephone conversation in a film might be, with the camera cutting to only the stranger's lower face as he spoke.

Then, a forest, it was misty and the lighting made it seem as though the air was constantly on the edge of refracting itself into vibrant color. I was with a group led by Sir David Attenborough, who was explaining the various animals that scuttled peacefully around. I came upon an iridescent black bird, which turned its shiny head to reveal a severe crossbill. I beckoned my friend next to me, grabbed his arm excitedly, and said, "Look at the crossbill!"

dreams like this are nice because i mostly feel like everything else sucks pretty bad

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James McDonough said...

A Sir David guided tour. That sounds awesome!