Wednesday, June 10, 2009

two days til payday

It's unfortunate when the cause of your up-all-night stomach illness could possibly have been one of three of the five ingredients in the three-days-til-payday scrounged meal. I generally consider my inner acids capable of at least trouncing some stray bacteria as my black coffee and hot sauce intake have, in my imagination, produced within me a bile which, if I could spray it from my mandibles like a giant radioactive ant, would melt walls and furniture like a knife through carrot cake.
Last night I was siiiick. Today I am better, fine, I am fine. But not knowing which of the ingredients, exactly, has put me in a tricky situation of deciding which of them I can safely consume for the next two days. There is a dubious onion. There is an untrustworthy potato. There is shifty-eyed cheddar. Etc.


rachelise said...

I will feed you and your cats.

Anonymous said...

Never trust a potato