Sunday, May 10, 2009


My phone no longer turns on, don't call me.  To fix it/see if it can be fixed I'll probably have to go to the store where my hateful ex works.  Ha ha ha!  Awesome.  Hey christopher, when's the next day you don't work?  Let me know via e-mail, as I don't have a phone.  

So that's been my morning, woke up at 7, struggled with phone for an hour, fell asleep (weeping bitterly) for four more hours, with this horrific cough/sinus infection that won't go away, dreamed epically about escapes, etc.  Lots of photography?  There was a part where I for some reason was taking artistic topless shots of myself on campus at night.  I do not know why I was doing this.  But some creepy guy started following me around and just watching me, and in the dream I became really uncomfortable and like "why can't i just have my tits out without perverts all watching me!?"
Later in the more epic part of the dream there was a beautiful, thin blonde woman sleeping nude in a hammock in the sunshine, covered in a knit yellow blanket with fishnet-like holes so that you could see through.  This woman didn't like me, in the dream, but I thought this was the most striking thing I'd ever seen and took photograph after photograph of her sleeping like that from all angles, until she woke up and almost caught me.  Then I was looking at the photos (I had taken them with my phone) and woke up writhing.

To day do, due, do to day, today:
wash and clothe self
figure out if parents are coming for mothers day/not
clean up cat puke from bedroom floor
plant lavender and rosemary plants in pots
wash three dozen eggs from farm
make a lot of deviled eggs or something

Oh yes I have a big garden now, on a farm, it is the most wonderful thing and will make my summer wonderful.  There are donkeys, and chickens, and turkeys, and guineas, and fainting goats, and a big tawny yellow lab named Scotch.  Soon there will be tomatoes, peppers of all kinds, radishes, onions, carrots, peas, beans, herbs, ETC ETC ETC!!!!  I will feed you all.  You will love it.

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Anonymous said...

your ex isn't hateful, he is just emotionally unstable and slightly sociopathic.